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Etsy's latest announcement re: changes to homepage

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Etsy's latest announcement re: changes to homepage

Postby beadn4fun » Sun Mar 23, 2014 7:49 am

Bowen Slate-Greene from TheSchlockMarket 9:08 am Mar 21, 2014 EDT
Hi everyone,

Providing more customized content on Etsy is a big priority of ours in 2014. We have an incredibly diverse community of buyers and sellers on the site, and incredibly diverse definitions of what personal content can and should mean on Etsy.

We plan on better representing this diversity on the signed-in homepage.

A more personally-meaningful homepage will call on a variety of sources. For example: listings you’ve favorited, shops and Pages you follow, or recommended content from curators in the Etsy community.

Furthermore, customized content on everyone’s homepage will mean more exposure for more sellers than ever before--allowing buyers to find the right items for them on Etsy’s most central page.

We’re going to start these efforts with a series of small experiments that bring dynamic experiences to the homepage. Each experiment will be small and focused. After the experiments end, we’ll share information about what we’ve learned, and announce any permanent changes we’re making.

In order to preserve the integrity of each test, we won’t be able to answer every question you ask. However, feel free to leave comments, questions, and opinions in the forums. We’ll be reading your feedback throughout the process.

It’s important to keep in mind that each experiment is part of improving your Etsy--making the homepage more customized to your interests while bringing more sales to more sellers.

Thanks for reading. More to come.

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